Am I able to change my name before I get married?

You can get ahead of the game and order your Officially Mrs. package whenever you would like, but will only be able to change your name after you are legally married. Once you receive your marriage certificate you will then be able to start the process.

Can I do all of this from home?

Although we try and make it as easy as possible, the United States does still require you to make a in person visit. Officially Mrs. recommends you make an in person visit to the Social Security Office as well as the DMV.

Does Officially Mrs. change my name legally?

As much as we would like to, Officially Mrs. does not submit any paperwork or documentation to any government or federal agencies. We have compiled all the information you will need to change your name into a single folder with
step-by-step directions how to change your name.

Does Officially Mrs. collect personal information?

The security of our customers comes first. Due to this policy we do not collect any personal information such as social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, or any passport information. Officially Mrs. only collects basic information that will help us fill in forms. On each form the social security information, and driver’s license information will be left for you to fill in.

How can Officially Mrs. help change my name?

Officially Mrs offers its customers a streamlined service in the name change category. Officially
Mrs. Has a few different packages that will help you with the name change process.

Our 6K package that allows the bride to fill out our 12-question form and receive all the
information they need to change your name. The form come as a Printable PDF that is able to be
downloaded onto any computer, or smartphone. From there you can click print and start to knock
out each task at your leisure. You will receive your 6K package via email within 24-48 hours after purchase

Our 14K Package is designed to take all the guess work out of the name change process. This
package will walk you from start to finish and aid you the entire way. After filling out our 12-
question form you will receive a package in the mail. After filling out our 12-question form you will receive a package in the mail that includes everything your state requires from you to change your name. Each form is partially filled out by us
making your name change process even easier. Just read over the forms, sign and
send them on their way. It’s that easy!

The 24K Package is the ultimate name change package. After filling out our 12-question form you will receive your
Officially Mrs. box in the mail. Not only will you receive all the forms you need specific to your state, but they will also be completely filled out and organized in the order you will need them. The 24K Package will include envelopes pre-stamped and addressed as well as our expedited service. Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to your personal Name Change Expert.

What if I want to change my name, but I’m not getting married?

We can still help. All you need is a legal document (Ex. Court Order or a Divorce Decree). Just select a package and we can guide you from start to finish.