Calling all HOT Brides

Now lets face it ladies, all of you will be looking hot on your wedding day, there is no question about that. But I’m not talking about looking hot, I’m talking about physically being hot and sweaty on your wedding day. I am going to share with you two things that you will want to know. Even if you don’t typically sweat a lot or if you are having a winter wedding, it doesn’t matter, you will no doubt be sweating on your wedding day. Between your nerves, the crowd of people, dancing, your dress, and maybe even the weather, you will be hot. What we don’t want you to be is a “hot mess” and melting in your dress.

I got married at the end of July when it was about 85 degrees. My dress had 30,000 beads, 4 layers, a corset, and weighed approximately 20 pounds. I almost didn’t choose that dress for that exact reason. It was heavy, tight, and a little poofy. I was so worried I was going to be a sweaty mess the entire night. I chose it anyway and hoped for the best. It all worked out just fine because of these two things:

  1. A fan. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor wedding, get a small fan that you can put under your head table. The table typically has a tablecloth over it so no one will even notice it. Get an extension cord if you need to and hide it the best you can. A battery powered fan can also be used if need be. Leave that fan cranked on high the entire night. All you need to do is pull the bottom of your dress up over the fan and take in all that cool air. If you get hot after dancing for 4 songs straight, go take a seat at your head table and cool off for a minute.
  1. Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant Roll On.  You can get this on Amazon, Walmart, Meijer, any drug store, etc. It was the best $8.00 I have ever spent. It is recommended for your under arms, but I took that and rolled it EVERYWHERE. By everywhere, I mean I used this stuff on my under arms, down my back, between my thighs, down my legs (you don’t want your dress sticking to your legs), and between and under my “ladies”.

Please test this on your skin before your wedding to make sure your skin doesn’t break out or it doesn’t cause a rash. Also please read the instructions, it is recommended that you don’t use it after you shave as it will burn. I used this daily for about a week leading up to my wedding and had amazing results. It has Aluminum Chloride in it, which penetrates a deeper level of the sweat gland to stop sweat where it starts.  It might make you feel a little hotter than you typically would, but that is because it is stopping your body from sweating, which is how your body cools itself off. Remember to drink WATER on your wedding day between those drinks!

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